Mud City Adventures Summer Programs

Mud City also offers Fun, Custom-Created Adventures for Adults, Families and Groups!
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Day, Overnight and Weekly Programs

  • Mini Mudsters (Ages 4-5)
    Mini-Mudsters is a day program carefully designed for ages 4 to 5 years old.  The activities are in tune with the development, learning and physical abilities of this young, but curious age group.  It is a great introduction to camp and the fresh Vermont air. Mini-Mudsters will leave with fun memories at the end of every day. More Info
  • Day Adventures (Ages 6 - 10)
    The Day Adventurer Program is for ages 6 through 10. While emphasizing a recreational and insightful agenda, our activities pique adventurers’ interest and send them home hungry, tired and dirty. More Info

  • Treksters (Ages 11-14)
    For ages 11-14, the Trekster program continues to lure young adventurers into a healthy and adventuresome world.  Daily and overnight excursions focus on keeping and challenging the mind and the body of each Trekster so that they gain the tools to grow with confidence and independence. More Info

  • C.I.T. I (Ages 13-14) and II (Ages 15-16)
    This fun, challenging learning experience is definitely different from being a camper!  Our purpose is to help build skills and experience to prepare future camp counselors. Mud City will help teach great expertise in leadership, program planning and implementation while working with children. Professionally licensed First AID and CPR Training, as well as Mud City Adventure Training will be included. After the training week, C.I.T’s will work for two interrrupted weeks for the Mud City Day Program, and then can attend Mud City for only $40/Day. Someday soon, C.I.T. graduates will be eligible to become Mud City Staff Members or Guides! More Info

Saturday Camp and Twilight Camp (Ages 6-14)

  • Weekend Camp
    Can't get enough? Head out for another day's adventure on Saturday and Sunday with the Mud City gang! More info

  • Twilight Camp
    Good Food, Fun Games, Great Time! This evening program offers fun-loving kids a night out in the fresh summer air.  Campfires, headlamp games, creative projects and anything that glows, goes! More info

Weekly Programs (Ages 6-14)

  • Weekly Overnight Camping Adventure (Ages 6-14)
    A weekly overnight camping adventure is our exciting way to introduce or make adventurers more acquainted with camping out. Adventurers will sleep in lean-tos or tents at nearby camp spots.  Activities include safe and proper camping out skills and good, old-fashioned fun around the fire. More info

  • Weekly Sailing (Ages 6-14)
    Adventurers have the option of heading to Lake Champlain for an instructional sailboat adventure.  Mud City sailors will learn how to rig, sail, tie knots and navigate their vessel while enjoying Vermont's magnificent mountain views and sparkling water. More info

Multiday Adventures (Ages 8 & up)
Packing up and taking off for a few days and nights of wilderness adventure is a great way to meet new friends and appreciate the outdoor world.  Whether we are paddling down rivers or across lakes, climbing up mountains or riding on trails, overnight adventurers will experience the call of the wild!

  • Burton Island Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Burton Island is Mud City's favorite island on Lake Champlain and has the coolest and the most sought after campsites.  Paddling, swimming, fishing, nighttime adventures and all kinds of exploration are only the beginning on this trip. More Info

  • Connecticut River Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Flow with the river on an adventuresome journey down the Connecticut River. We'll explore the forts and history along the shoreline until we arrive at our riverside campsite to enjoy a warm and wonderful night around the fire. More Info

  • Berkshires Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Take your adventurous spirit down river for a WEE…(!)K-end in the Berkshires! Adventurers will spend Saturday safari-ing and camping along the beautiful Deerfield River, and wake up Sunday Morning for an action-packed day of excitement rafting, floating, and swimming, with our very own professional river guides. More Info

  • Cotton Brook Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Paddling, picnic-ing, trailblazing, bushwhacking, critter tracking, and more! Come join the Mud City gang as we discover the flora and fauna of Cotton Brook and sleep under the stars. More Info

  • Green Mountain Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Explore Vermont's own Green Mountains with Mud City in this Weekend Overnight Adventure. Whether hiking to the top or picnic-ing and paddling, the nearby Green Mountains offer an amazing outdoor playground, and some of the best camping anywhere. More Info

  • Long Trail Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Hit the trail! First up, then down, find and follow the tracks… but whose tracks? Come find out on the Long Trail Adventure. Hiking, camping, outdoor cooking, and learning about local critters and plants will be the main ingredients for this weekend. More Info

  • Little River Adventure (Ages 10-14)
    Paddling, swimming-hole hopping, outdoor cooking, and searching for historical ar